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Project Description
A actor framework written in Mono (C#)

Make it easy to make multithreaded programs with the actor model.

UPDATE: You might want to use it seems to be something like the same, and more developed.

This is a actor based framework for C#. Both mono and non-mono.

I have found that F# also can create actors. The reason for this project to exists crumbles. I will however keep coding for making the joy of actors available in an imperative language like C#.

- Actor based
- Easy to make distributed (Ie. communication must be easy between nodes in the system)
- Pattern matching

UPDATE 2010-04-28: Installed VS2010. Will commence coding soon.

UPDATE 2008-11-28: Due the fact that I have installed vista, it will also be able to be used in VS2008. But do not worry. It will be able to compile both in mono and in VS2008.

UPDATE 2008-01-31: I am writing my master thesis, so the project will go on low light for now. The classes in the framework will be more or less based on the work from my thesis.

UPDATE 2008-02-01: I have discovered that there is no unittesting ability in visual studio express :-( so now I need to figure out if I want to do it completly in Mono and just try some samples in VSE, or just go on without unittesting, which I have discovered to be quite nice.
There will also be a Python version coming along side with the C# version.

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